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Chirag Darji
Chirag Darji

Hello! I’m Chirag Darji, currently working as an Engineering Manager. I bring with me a strong background in using AWS services, with particular expertise in serverless computing and event-driven architecture. Since 2010, I’ve been harnessing the power of AWS, driving innovation, and steering digital transformations for my organization.

I’m a staunch advocate for Infrastructure as Code (IaC), believing in the efficacy of automation and the immense value it brings to both small-scale and large-scale projects. My proficiency extends to using Terraform for managing and provisioning tech stacks, ensuring optimal cloud infrastructure management.

My technical proficiency is complemented by my ability to think strategically and creatively, using design thinking principles to solve complex problems and create user-centered solutions.

In my current role, I lead a team of talented engineers, promoting a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and excellence. My goal is to not just build products but to build products that resonate with users and make a difference in the market.

My journey so far has been rewarding, and I’m excited for what’s yet to come. I aim to further deepen my knowledge and skills, stay at the forefront of emerging trends in cloud computing and serverless architectures, and lead my team to new heights of innovation and success.

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